Friday, 4 November 2011

Yesterday I went and saw the Degas exhibition at the Royal Academy, I love some of his painting, especially the pastels, ballerinas are certainly different these days, they were bigger, well better covered not like the tall lean girls of today.

There were a lot of sketches he did for this bronze, and she had real hair, shoes and bodice before she was cast
He as also interested in photography, and many of these and people who inspired him, I just did not realise how early photography started, especially moving film.

In the afternoon I met my niece and her husband at Portcullis House (the building where MPs offices are) The security was amazing to get in, but once in it is an amazing and interesting building.

Paul has a selection of photographs of  MPs on show, which is what we went to see. You can see his work on

I went back with my niece and had wonderful Cauliflower soup for supper.

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