Friday, 2 July 2010

Having read about Suzann's pod she hung in the garden and a bird started nesting in it, I thought I would post about a piece of my felt.

CHAIN MALE, When new in an exhibition

I put it in our garden, in the shelter we call the bus stop for some obscure reason,

The first year a robin nested in it's head but got disturbed, may be the Magpies, since then birds have taken wool from it, slowly it is disintegrating but interesting to watch.

I intend to put Decopodastica in the garden and photograph it over the next two or three years

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  1. Beautiful story and I'll wan to be watching it with you as well. The birds left my nest as well. Neighbor girls disturbed it too much, throwing balls and the such. Maybe next year??? Really beautiful piece of felt too.
    Thanks for sharing this with us all!