Sunday, 25 April 2010

This is a rather belated Easter blog, I was lazy about down loading photos. After Easter we had a special Eggy Day at the Farmers Market, with egg related activities for the children. Planting cress, marbling and blowing,a few people went home with bowls of duck eggs, Omelets! Cakes! There was also a collection of eggs to be identified, from Quail to goose and turkey, with all sorts between.
The Cress growing well

Marbled eggs

The Church Yard was looking lovely

The primroses have been spreading over the years, they welcome spring in a wonderful way and are one of my favorite flowers, have not yet tried to do any work based on them, don't think I could do them justice, snow drops are another favorite, those i have done in a wall hanging.

Today I went for a walk through the kentish apple orchards, they are just coming into flower, it was lovely to See so many new orchards being planted. We saw Swallows flying low over a field of sheep with lambs, more than one so summer is here.

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